Their wounds are our wounds.

Their wounds are our wounds.
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The specter of displacement visits Mrs. Hasna's family due to the brutal enemy's war in Gaza
A family of five: Hasna, a cancer patient, her daughter-in-law, and three children
The winds of the Gaza war buffeted them and they entered the Arab Republic of Egypt with health assistance. The family is currently residing in one of the hospitals in the Imbaba area, and after obtaining permission from the embassy to leave the hospital, the family is unable to leave the hospital due to the lack of shelter for them, and they need to secure housing urgently because there are no acquaintances or contacts. supportive of them
Because the displaced have essentially the right to remove the cloak of displacement and anxiety, to cover them with a feeling of stability and housing.
Help them secure a shelter and pay the rent to give them the feeling of stability that they have always missed
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