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Iftar campaign
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Ramadan brings goodness and blessings to us every year, but for a family in dire need, Ramadan is an opportunity for their helplessness and pain to be repeated.
Out of the virtue of those who break the fast for a fasting person and to share the reward with those with white gifts, the Watan Association opens its doors to receive your donations to provide a collective iftar table that includes several items to be presented to the needy fasting people, to renew the spirit of cohesion and provide the newly arrived, the elderly, and the most needy families with a sense of the spirit of familiarity in the month of goodness.
He said the best of blessings and salutations upon him: “Whoever breaks the fast for a fasting person will have a reward similar to his, except that it will not detract from the reward of the fasting person in the slightest.”
Where 100 people will be targeted in one of the restaurants, and the cost of each meal will be 180 EGP, and breakfast can be repeated throughout the days of the month of goodness.
So hasten to give in order to obtain this reward and this double reward, for these are only a few days and the opportunity will pass.
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