“Warm Winter” campaign to provide clothing for the families of orphans

“Warm Winter” campaign to provide clothing for the families of orphans
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God Almighty said: {You will not attain righteousness until you spend of what you love and whatever you spend of anything, for God is All-Knowing of it} Al-Imran 92.

While our children wait every winter for their parents to buy new clothes woven with threads of warmth and tenderness
There are children who suffer the bitterness of life, the loss of support and security, and the harshness of life due to the loss of their fathers
Many orphan families suffer from a lack of income and cannot meet the requirements of life. They need clothing to protect them from the cold of winter.
From the standpoint of social and humanitarian solidarity, which the Association adopts in implementing its charitable projects,Watan Association announces the implementation of the (Dethroni) project for clothing orphans and widows through the donations of charitable people and white hands, to open for them a door to abundant reward and great reward. Spending on the orphan and the poor is purification of the soul and tenderness for the heart, and it is a door of goodness that brings benefit to its owner in this world and the hereafter.
May you help us in spreading warmth in the hearts and bodies of the poor, orphans and widows, and a reason to put a smile on their faces. Take the initiative to give, make a deposit with God, and contribute to the winter clothing project for orphans and their families in need.

Contribute with us, as there are souls who rejoice in giving
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