Qualification for the labor market projects

Qualification for the labor market projects
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Don't give me a fish ... teach me to fish

As in every needy family, weaknesses are covered by the relief office
It also has strengths that the Office of Development Projects Support in Watan employs in an optimal way in order to benefit the needy family in order to achieve self-sufficiency, dispense with people and get out from below the poverty line.
Labor market rehabilitation projects target the number of thousand families in need of their help by entering the labor market, according to their capabilities, conditions and human resources, through:
1- Professional Training Project:
"A craft in the hand is safe from poverty"
Giving skills to those who are unable to work.
2- Work and Hope Project:
Contribute to the employment of trainees in the labor market in a manner that suits their competencies and social conditions.
3- The Upper Hand Project:
Supporting successful professional workers and helping them open their own business out of limited salary.
4- Follow-up, guidance and business consulting:
Seminars, consultations and advice for those wishing to enter the Labor market and entrepreneurs.

Watan provides a great opportunity for those looking to contribute to the development of society during 2020
Through its plan to provide 400 training qualifications for the labor market, at a cost of approximately 1,200 pounds per trainer.
And 20 small projects for young entrepreneurs, at a cost of 25 thousand pounds per project.

You can support projects by donating them, providing job opportunities, supporting a small project, or contributing to provide consultationsand advice.

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